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Rainy Disney Days - Egghunt plus Food & Wine Fun!

3/24/2018 9:47:17 PM


With Disneyland often crowded these days, it's nice to find a respite, especially during a popular season like Spring Break and the Food & Wine Festival - one way to do this is to go in the rain!  We got lucky this week and the rain actually broke up for the most part after our arrival, offering a low crowd but mostly dry park experience at DCA!

The Food and Wine Festival is a lot of fun this year, with booths in almost every area of the park.  The Annual Passholder deal is very popular, where for $45 you can get 8 meal/non alcoholic drink choices at the various booths. We were able to able to sample some cheese and a tenderloin slider, along with two Napa wines.  Even the kids were fans and are become Disney foodies!  


Food and Wine Goodness 


Food and Wine Booths

The kids' favorite part about Spring is the Easter Egg hunts throughout the Resort. We only had time to do the one at DCA this year, but the eggs did indeed move from last year and offer a fun but somewhat less challenging hunt.  Many more were housed in stores this year, which makes it slightly easier but perhaps also drives hunters in to look at merchandise.  The kids were stoked at the new egg choices this year for their prizes, choosing MIke Wazowski and Cinderella. Also new this year were stickers inside the eggs, an added bonus reward for the hunters.  


Ready to hunt!


Elias and Co Egg

We definitely recommend visiting Disney during the rain! And if you can make it during the spring season, check out the Easter Egg hunts - there's one at Disneyland, DCA, and Downtown Disney - as well as the Food and Wine Festival!  

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