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Help! Getaway today!

Forums > Vacation Planning > Help! Getaway today!
So I booked our tickets through get away today Friday and they said they would fax the confirmation over. I got to Disney today super excited and couldn’t get in because they have no record of my booking. The confirmation is on my work email and I’m unable to access it and can’t contact get away today until tomorrow. Anyone have a similar experience? Is there anything I can do?!
Poisoned Apple
Did you book online? Getaway Today has a “Purchase History” link on their site. Good luck!
Amanda :-)
You can always call! They normally have really good customer service. Hope it all worked out for you!
It was Sunday night so they were not available. They handled everything first thing Monday morning and refunded me for the day I missed. Everything worked out :)
Disney go girl
Oh good. vacation stress is no fun

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