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Too early to start planning ?

Forums > Vacation Planning > Too early to start planning ?
Vicky Russell
We were given tickets for Disneyland as the last time we went my son was super sick. I can't wait to give him the trip he deserved last time. It's killing me not to be able to book much yet for next October lol
Disney Mom
Not too early at all. We are already working on our 2019 trip. ??
We usually plan about a year out. The planning is half the fun, it's never too early!
Poisoned Apple
I usually plan 9-12mo out but my family does not want to spend a year hearing about it or looking forward to it so I plan by myself and with my online DisBuds. Lol
currently planning disney trip for christmas 2018
I'm planning for next October going to the Halloween party with my niece and nephew.
Vicky Russell
Our tickets are good till October 2018. This is why we are going on October. Disneyland had given them to us as my son didn't get to do Disneyland as he should have .
Vicky Russell
We will be going to the Halloween party next year too:) can't wait for that :)

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