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Disney max pass or rider swap

Forums > Vacation Planning > Disney max pass or rider swap
which is better we have a 6 year a 4 year old and a 5 month old.
rider swap
Disney go girl
they are 2 different things. rider swap initially the first parent would have to stand in the regular line. unless of course you used a fast pass. paper fast passes are still free. So is rider swap. max pass is the electronic version of the fast pass which you have to pay $10 a day per person. If you are ok with paying that the do max pass and rider swap together. If not, do regular fast pass and rider swap together.
2 different thing and I would do both. max pass because with kids it is nice not having to run to the entrance of a ride to grab a fastpass with the kids then return to the same ride later on. it will make your day much easier on you.
I agree with Mom2aMinnie. I would do both. Running from ride to ride with kids can be tuff. MaxPass makes it easier and more relaxing.

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