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Lansky car service?

Forums > Vacation Planning > Lansky car service?
I am wondering if anyone here has used Lansky to get from the airport to their hotel and back? If so, I am wondering what you thought of the service. I am looking for a car service to pick us up from SNA and take us to Best Western Anaheim. I am wanting to splurge on a limo type service (something where they meet you with a sign of your name...) My fiancé and I are going in December for our honeymoon and we are taking our son (9 years at the time). This whole trip is going to be a surprise to our son- he will find out at the airport that we are going on a trip. I thought that he would love to be picked up in a limo- what kid wouldn't;).
Tinkerbell 12 12 I would suggest since you have a nine-year-old with you is to take the Disney Bus I believe it's $35 a person but I don't know how much it would be for your nine-year-old son it will take you to and from your hotel call The Gray Line bus Anaheim and they'll give you the bus stops that will close to your hotel it's all decorated up like Buzz Lightyear it's a fun ride. or Greylineanaheim.com
Thank you. I will have to check it out- seems like a more affordable option.
Uber has multiple levels of service. Uber X is the cheapest for a group, around $20. Uber Select will cost around $40 and you will be in an entry level luxury car, like BMW 3 series or equivalent. Then Uber Black will cost $70+ but you will be picked up in a MB E class or equivalent. You can get estimates in the app by scrolling the services at the bottom.

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