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How to surprise your kid with the trip

Forums > Vacation Planning > How to surprise your kid with the trip
Looking for ideas. We finally booked our trip and haven't told our son yet. He is six years old and want to surprise him. We leave September 30 so our first day in the park is October 1. He's not quite able to read yet. What fun ways did you surprise your kids? Did you tell them the day of or before. We went two years ago and told him the month before. Hoping to capture a reaction on video.
We are doing the same thing. My fiancé and I are getting married dec 1- we will be leaving dec 2 for Disneyland. Our son will be 9 at the time. He has no idea that we are going on a honeymoon let alone that we are taking him with us. Our plan is to load up the car that night after he goes to sleep- wake him up for the airport in the morning- telling him that we are dropping grandma (my mom)off (she is dropping us off) at the airport. We will have all the luggage in the trunk and ask him to help get it out. That's when we are going to tell him. I can't wait. I think I'm more excited about his reaction than I am the trip itself. Check YouTube for other ideas. I've seen some really cute videos for Disney surprises. Parents that pack a backpack with the kiddos favorite Disney characters and goodies. Or making signs with cutouts from magazines/ pictures of where they are going. Or even some pretty elaborate scavenger hunts. Or specially made puzzles that the kid has to put together to figure it out. Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip and let us all know what you decided to do and how it went.
We are going on a bus trip to Disneyland on December 27.. I made a huge bus and wrote on it we are going to Disneyland.. Going to let them open it on Christmas Day :) I'm so excited to see their faces..
We just did this with our trip in March. We planned a huge week long trip for her 5th birthday and she had no clue. The morning we left, we woke her up and had her open a present that all kinds of Disney themed things inside. (Toys and things to do in the car for a 6hr car drive). Her face was worth the wait and having to hold in our own excitement haha
These all sound great. I think we figured out what we are doing. My husband wants to play the Disneyland interactive game on the Kinect. It isn't the easiest game for our son so after he complains a bit, he always does lol, we will say, "Let's just go to the real thing". We will have his his brand new suitcase filled with Disneyland stuff hidden behind the couch and give it to him. We leave 2 weeks from today. We haven't figured out exactly what day we will tell him. We have to leave for the airport at 4am so it won't be the day before. Maybe a couple days before.
Our best surprise for the kiddos was when we told each of our two children separately. 10 and 11 at the time. We told each of them that it was a surprise and to not tell the other. We managed about 2 weeks with lots of giggles and not so sly winks. And then finally I couldn't stand it. I was so excited to get the secret out! So we told each kid, separately again, that they were going to surprise the other with the announcement. They sat down on the couch next to each other, I started the video camera and my hubby and I said 1, 2, 3 you know what to do, and they told each other at the same time ha they didn't quite know what was going on so we repeated the process and I was laughing hysterically at this point. They finally caught on and were thrilled!!!

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