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November - Early week of Thanksgiving tips

Forums > Vacation Planning > November - Early week of Thanksgiving tips
Silly Symphony
hi! we will be there technically the week of Thanksgiving, sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before Thanksgiving day. can anyone give me info about this time of the year? will it be ridiculously busy? are Christmas decorations up? any other info or tips? TIA :)
All Christmas decorations will be up. Crowds should not be too bad as schools are not out, yet. Sunday may be the busiest of those 3 days.
Finding disney
I know where I live in California children are out of school the entire week of thanksgiving so it may be busy.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
A lot of people going there for thanksgiving will most likely also be there on Tuesday or sometimes even Monday, so watch out for those because it could cause a lot of crowds. I don't think it will be unbearably bad, but you should prepare for crowds. Try getting max pass, I thought it was extremely useful for 3 of the days on my last trip.
We went that same week a few years ago and the crowds were not bad until Wednesday. We left on Thursday. The Christmas decorations were up and it was absolutely beautiful!

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