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The Month Of August, Crowds

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August crowds at Disneyland and Disney California are, honestly, all over the place. Summer vacations are coming to an end, so the tourist season slows. Schools are back in session mid-month in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. However, Annual Passholder blockouts are lifted towards the end of the month. Before that, let's start with a look at weather. Although August is one of the hottest months of the year in Southern California, it's really not that bad. Humidity remains low even as high temperatures break 80º every single day of August. At the other end of the spectrum, expect lows of around 65º every day. Even though the temperature will creep into the mid-80s and could peak at 90º some days, August in Anaheim is still fairly comfortable, as shown by these graphs. The chances of mugginess are 9 or 10% every day of the month, which is not bad. This is why a common refrain among Californians is "but it's a dry heat." It's the truth–90º and little humidity is much more pleasant than 80º and muggy weather. It might seem counterintuitive, but it's wise to pack a light sweater or a long sleeve shirt for evenings at Disneyland. Next, let's take a look at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure crowds during the month of August... Crowd Calendar "Instructions" – This is a simplistic Disneyland crowd calendar with a "stop light" system. Our methodology is based upon historic wait time information, anecdotal observations, special events, school schedules, dynamic ticket prices, and more. Second, expect Disney California Adventure crowds to almost always track Disneyland crowds–with a few exceptions–albeit with a proportionately lower number of guests. Now some notes about the above predictions. The first half of the month is fairly predictable, with a pattern dictated by summer vacations, ticket prices, and Annual Passholder blockouts. Things become murkier beginning the third week. This is when Los Angeles County schools go back into session, which explains the lighter crowds at that point. Even though we've only given it two 'green' days, consider this week the sweet spot for August visits to Disneyland. The following week, Orange County schools also go back into session. Unfortunately, that will not have the huge impact on crowds that you might expect, as the summer Annual Passholder blockouts for the lowest tiers of passes end on August 21, 2017. There will be a lot of pent-up demand for locals who have been blocked out for ~2 months, and they will return in droves that week. With that said, most of these locals have jobs, so the worst of these crowds will be in the afternoon and, especially, evening hours. If you arrive at rope drop and leave by 2 p.m., your perspective on crowds will be dramatically different from someone who arrives at 4 p.m. and focuses their attention on the Rivers of America attractions and Fantasmic. That area of Disneyland, in particular, will be a nightmare for the first week that the AP blockouts are lifted. Crowds should once again die down the following week, once locals get their visits in, but there will be another spike over the weekend. This time, it won't just be locals. It'll also be those participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. As always, this leads to a weekend spike in attendance, which will start on August 31, 2017. On the plus side, the following week (early September, post-Labor Day) should see a significant drop-off in crowds. If you're debating between a late August and early September visit, we'd strongly suggest early September. You'll notice that dynamic ticket prices and aggressive Annual Passholder blockouts start to end in mid to late August. This is because summer visitors to Southern California are starting to head home by this point. While there will still be lingering spikes from Fantasmic 2.0 and Rivers of America, tourist season is ending in August. While this will not always be reflected in overall crowds, it will be reflected in hotel prices. You should expect to see decreases and a rise in last minute deals come mid-August, with the very notable exception of Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, which is one of the most expensive times of the year in terms of hotel rates (since runDisney travels well, and even many locals opt for hotel rooms this weekend due to the early start times of the races). If you're visiting between August 13 and August 30, 2017 and have not yet booked a hotel room, your best option might be to wait until the last minute if prices do not look favorable at the moment. In both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, early August is a time when park hours are typically longer. Both parks regularly open at 8 a.m., with Extra Magic Hours and/or Magic Mornings as early as 7 a.m. for on-site resort guests. Disneyland closes at midnight for the first half of the month, with Disney California Adventure regularly closing at 10 p.m. These are the "maximum" operating hours for each park–the longest either are open any day of the year, aside from New Year's Eve and other outliers. Expect earlier closing times later in the month, but you should still be able to enjoy a fairly late night in the parks. In terms of new attractions, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is still 'fresh' at Disney California Adventure, and Summer of Heroes is ongoing. Over at Disneyland, the re-imagined Fantasmic, featuring a mix of new scenes and returning favorites, will remain the hot ticket in terms of FastPasses. Expect multiple showings per night, and massive congestion throughout New Orleans Square. Additionally, Paint the Night is scheduled to return on August 21, 2017 after an extended hiatus during which Main Street Electrical Parade has had its farewell run. Main Street Electrical Parade's farewell has already been extended once, and we would not be surprised to see it extended once again. Rivers of America attractions (Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia, and Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes) and Disneyland Railroad will also all have higher than normal wait times due to their relative newness. On the plus side, if you avoid New Orleans Square and Frontierland, and instead head to Tomorrowland or Disney California Adventure in the evenings, crowds should be much lower. In terms of seasonal events, there's nothing aside from the Disneyland Half Marathon (click here to read our report from last year's races) at the end of the month. I suppose you could count the continuation of the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure...but we probably wouldn't. Special offers for Disneyland Resort on-site hotels are usually weak for summer, with few (if any) discounts available. There are also no ticket promotions for Southern California Residents, which is good news for out-of-town tourists. The last of the resident ticket offers expired in May. In terms of pricing, August has fairly normal rates. One-day park tickets are most are at "regular" season prices the first half of the month, with the exception of the first weekend being "peak" season. The end of the month then turns to "value" season Monday through Thursdays. Read our Tips for Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets post for multi-day ticket recommendations to avoid having to deal with seasonal pricing. On the plus side, there are some multi-day ticket discounts currently available for all guests. Even with below-average crowds, you'll still want a solid itinerary for touring the parks. The downside to visiting during a more touristy season is that guests are more likely to arrive early in the day, and prioritize attractions. By contrast, locals tend to spend more time hanging out, and focus on attractions to a lesser degree. This can mean higher wait times despite the parks "feeling" less crowded. Overall, we consider August a fairly average month in terms of our Best and Worst Months to Visit Disneyland. If you can schedule a visit during that third week of the month right when Los Angeles County schools go back into session, but before AP blockouts are lifted, that's your best bet. Not only will you have lower crowd levels, but you're also going to have lower hotel prices, and fewer tourists than earlier in the month. There are also unique wrinkles in 2017, including the reopening of the Rivers of America and potential return of the Paint the Night parade (a fan favorite among a good portion of Disneyland fans). If you can avoid the "bad" dates in August and can deal with some hotter weather ("IT'S A DRY HEAT!"), August can be a surprisingly good time to visit.
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Wow, that's a very good analysis. Great job!

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