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Rider switch

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Princess Eilonwy
How does this work? Apologies if there is already a thread on this topic.
I'm with you though...how does this work? Lol
I asked this before, I understand the logistics (I think). You wait in line then when it's your turn a family member waits with the child as you ride then you wait with the child while they ride. They don't have to wait in line again and go right after you get off. My question was age limit regarding rider switch, my son is 14 and won't ride Guardians ride.
Not sure if it applies to a child that simply doesn't want to ride?? But if your child doesn't meet the height requirements, one member of your family waits behind while everyone else rides. You tell the cast member at the beginning of the line and they'll give you a rider switch pass that's good for the one that sat out plus 2 to go with them. And they can go through the fast pass line and get right on the ride. What's cool about it, is that it doesn't matter if you get your rider switch through the normal que or through the fast pass line. So if you get fast passes for everyone in your party, even if they won't be riding. Then hold onto 2 of those fast passes (adult & child not riding) while the rest of your party goes on the ride, then you just turned your rider switch pass into an adult plus 4. (2 fast passes & 3 from the rider switch) My wife & I have done it many times and with our family of 6, the kids get to all ride back to back through the fast pass line!
Princess Eilonwy
Is there an age restriction? My daughter is a tall 12 year old who just can't stomach some of the rides.
Princess Eilonwy
Thanks, got it!
Side note!!! Most attractions don't require to see the non riding child, but Radiator Springs did when we went a few years ago.
Last time we were riding Goofy's flight school my son was a little charmer to the cast members. At the end of the ride my son said to me that he wanted to ride it again, and one of the cast members gave us a rider swap pass and winked at him. It was so great!
So I just want to confirm this because it sounds different on the disneyland website. If you have 3 adults that want to ride but the kids that are to small to ride. You can have one stay with the kids while the other two go and then when they get back the one who waited with the kids can go along with one of the other adult who already rode, that way the don't have to go on the ride alone? Is that how it works?
yes, you are correct.
Great! thank you.
welcome :-)
Does just the waiting person get to go in the fast pass line or do both? Im confused. Does the first person have to wait in the normal line?
The first persons waits in the regular line unless you got a fast pass for the ride. Then the second group goes through the past pass line with the rider switch. You also don’t have to use it right away. We saved our rider switch passes for later in the day.
You have to start in the normal line. So you line up like everyone else and tell them you want rider switch (the child must be present) and after the adults have ridden the remaining adult and one other adult go through the fast pass line and ride.
Angela Angi Weaver West
It does apply for kids that just don’t want to ride! We have this issue often.

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