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Halloween party nights

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April Layne
I booked my vacation to Disneyland a few months ago for September 20-24th & the Halloween party dates were just released. There will be a party Wednesday the 20th & Friday the 22nd. I would like advice on what to do, should I buy a ticket for a Halloween party or just a hopper pass and enjoy California adventure during the party time? Do they kick you out of Disneyland if you don't have a party pass? Any and all advice would be appreciated as I have never been to a halloween party or attended Disneyland during these times :)
Tattoo Mom
If you aren't interested in going to the party then get a hopper and go over to DCA cause the will kick everyone out of Disneyland who doesn't have a party ticket. Which starts at 6 on Wednesday and 7 on Friday.
Mickey Bound
Think you should call them. California adventure is getting overlays this year. I read somewhere that they will kick you out of their to.
April what time are you arriving on the twentieth? If later then you should go to the Halloween party then and I just heard the party tickets are hoppers now
Parts of DCA will be closed for parade buyers. Not all of it. I just got my tickets and asked the question
Rob Goo
Princess22 did you get info on what parts of DCA will close for Disney haloween Party, do you get access to those areas with the purchase of Disney land party ticket ??
okay so now im panicking. do they kick you out of dca if you don't have a party ticket??
They aren't kicking anyone out of California adventure. They are just letting you go over there on party nights to experience the Halloween decor. The party is only at Disneyland. Meaning all the special event things.

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