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is stroller needed?

Forums > Vacation Planning > is stroller needed?
hello I am going to be going to Disneyland in late August for the first time with my 6 year old nephew. I am wondering if you guys would suggest bringing a stroller? I'm sure walking around all day would be tiring for him and I would like to have the option if having him in the stroller but I'm worried that 6 might be a little old for it? thoughts & suggestions please! thank you ??
We are planning to bring our double stroller for our 7 & 8 yr old, and used it last year when they were 6 & 7. At this point, we only bring into the park in the evening so they have somewhere to sit/lay when they are tired and done for the day. The last thing either of us want to do is carry them around or back to the hotel.
Thank you princesslala! that's actually a good idea. We also plan to take a break mid day so maybe only bring it when we go at night ??
Yes! Nothing worse than a 4pm meltdown. Makes getting to and back from the hotel so much faster.
Andrea Dahms Foskett
We took our 5 and 7 year old kids and rented a double stroller. was so worth the money. We are going in December and are kids are 6 and 8 and I am contemplating at least a single stroller.

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