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height requirement

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so I'm not asking to try and game the system at all I'm just wondering about others experience. we are traveling to disneyland July 20 and my daughter is literally 39 inches and 7/8ths barefoot. I know any shoes she owns would put her just over 40 inches making her eligible for many more rides that she is looking forward to riding, especially splash mountain. with her height being so close to the cutoff has anyone had any issues? do they increase the height checker to account for shoes?
Amanda :-)
In my experience, it's stupid but it seems like 40inches at Disneyland is not the same as 40inches at DCA. My daughter was able to do rsr and soarin, but they were super strict and turned her away at big thunder mountain. But if she hits the mark then that's great and I haven't known them to say anything about shoes.
If she does get turned away it's for her own safety.
The height restrictions ar there for our own good. But I don't like how the "measuring" is different at every ride. Some consistency would be nice here. I think if there was a measuring system that included stations around the park where kids could be measured would be helpful. They coul issue different colored bands representing the different height gateways. This woul help make a more enjoyable day for everyone, visitors and cast members alike.
Amanda :-)
We have a water park like that in our area M&M=Love, but I think ACTUALLY measuring at each ride (not just looking and saying yes or no) is safest because I'm sure somewhere in the population will be that special person who is taking off and switching bracelets then something bad will happen and it will be an issue. We have an amusement park where wristbands are used to get on rides and not used for height, and people stand there rotating the wristband so that other members of the party can ride without buying.
The wrist bands are put on snug enough not to be removed, and if there were it would have been noticed. There is also a waterproof black light stamp that could be used for this purpose.

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