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Halloween party rumors.

Forums > Vacation Planning > Halloween party rumors.
Disney go girl
just read an article on micechat that the plan is to move the party to DCA in 2018. http://micechat.com/165197-miceage-disneyland-rumor-update-max-pass/
Amanda :-)
This was a good read. Anyone ever been to the Halloween party when it was held in DCA? I'm excited about the parades to come to dca
We went to one about 6 yrs ago It was ok. Only some rides were available and we got lots of penny candy. I'm sure things have changed since then, as I believe that was one of the first parties. It was actually pretty crowded. It was fun to see all the costumes !
More space over there, but can't imagine not having Haunted Mansion as a part of the party.
Amanda :-)
I do think they could do great things with a Halloween world of color though...
Disney go girl
apparently they can do fire works in DCA too

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