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Wheres Mickey

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Even though I know theres a book out there, I thought it would be neat to name the places you've found some hidden Mickeys. My favorite is on Sullys tail end on Monsters Inc. at the end of the ride holding Boo.
On the log sign pole at the beginning of the queue for Splash Mountain.
The camera store.
Power line Mickey. In cars land, there's a knot in the power line that looks like Mickey going to the firehouse.
Parking & Surrounding Areas [ ] Disneyland Drive (Giant Mickey seen from satellite photo or Paradise Pier window) [ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (U-turn signs) [ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 3A-3B) [ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 2A, 2 spots away) [ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Character Celebrate Level Signs - confetti) Entrance Plaza [ ] Compass Rose (Classic Mickey Compass Rose, center of esplanade) [ ] Personalized Bricks (Classic Mickeys inscribed on bricks) [ ] Benches (Classic Mickey benches are scattered around the entrance plaza) [ ] Disneyland Kennel Club (Dalmatian spot Hidden Mickey in the office) [ ] Information Booth (guest information sign features a Classic Mickey) [ ] Security Check Queue (several of the fun tip signs) [ ] Ticket Booth (Classic Mickeys top each ticket booth) [ ] Ticket Booth (each window features a Classic Mickey cutout) [ ] Ticket Booth (paired Mickey brackets supporting each window counter) [ ] Street Lamps (gas-style street lamps are topped with Classic Mickeys) [ ] Sign Post (sign posts bases are covered with Classic Mickey patterns) [ ] Sign Post (sign posts are topped with Classic Mickeys) [ ] Tree Guard Rivets (Classic Mickey rivets on iron tree guards) [ ] Turnstiles (backsides of the turnstiles feature Classic Mickey cutouts) Main Street, U.S.A. [ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 3 - Fred Gurley tender tank stop bracket) [ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 5 - Ward Kimball tender tank stop bracket) [ ] Disneyland Railroad Station (two Mickey flags) [ ] Disneyland City Hall (Mickey flag above the guided tours building) [ ] Emporium (Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey in a mural behind a register) [ ] Main Street Magic Shop (playing card in the Harry Houdini window display) [ ] 20th Century Music Company (three tamborines) [ ] Disneyland Casting Agency Door (Classic Mickeys in the door's design) [ ] Main Street Cinema (Classic Mickey lights inside the cinema) [ ] Main Street Market House (Classic Mickey iron wall decor) [ ] Main Street Fruit Cart (Classic Mickey under the green iron fruit cart) [ ] Penny Arcade (Pinocchio Arcade Game console) [ ] Penny Arcade (Stitch pressed quarter machine, Mickey stamped on machinery) [ ] Penny Arcade (Antique Scale - Brass Hidden Mickey) [ ] Main Street Photo Supply Co. (Classic Mickey shaped lens on antique camera) [ ] Corner Cafe (Classic Mickey planters hanging from the wrought iron marquee) Fantasyland [ ] Peter Pan's Flight (Mickey's silhouette in the Big Ben clock tower) [ ] Peter Pan's Flight (teddy bear paws, 2nd floor window, outer facade) [ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (Pleasure Island gates in loading zone mural) [ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey in the popcorn machine) [ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey on floor) [ ] Pinoccio's Daring Adventure (Classic Mickey tops the ship case) [ ] Snow White's Scary Adventures (Loading Zone - 3 trees in mural) [ ] Snow White's Scary Adventures (three red gems in the jewel barrel) [ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Toad statue in queue, left eye Hidden Mickey) [ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (faux pink stained glass Hidden Mickey) [ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Eaves seen from queue, red berry Mickey) [ ] King Arthur's Carousel (three jewel Hidden Mickeys on Jingles) [ ] Pixie Hollow (Faeries Welcome sign - Hidden Mickey on the post) [ ] Matterhorn (tiny black Mickey, red & white key crest, along queue) [ ] Matterhorn (Occasionally - Wells Expedition Rope Loop Mickey) [ ] Alice in Wonderland (painting the roses red paint splatter Mickey) [ ] Alice in Wonderland (picture frame in White Rabbit's house) [ ] Casey Jr. Circus Train (gauges on locomotive control panel Hidden Mickey) [ ] Village Haus Restaurant (painted stern of a wooden model ship) [ ] Village Haus Restaurant (Stained Glass Window - Pinocchio) [ ] Storybook Land (Flora - painted on port side) [ ] Storybook Land (Snow White - painted on aft side of the deck house) [ ] U.S. Mail Box (between drawbridge & Peter Pan's Flight) [ ] It's a Small World (three control towers in the loading area) [ ] It's a Small World (holiday season - Hidden Mickey on santa hat on clock face) [ ] It's a Small World (holiday season - holly berry Hidden Mickey towards end) [ ] It's a Small World Light Show (holiday season - Hidden Mickey below clock face) [ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Stage Facade Hidden Mickeys) [ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Inkspot Hidden Mickey) [ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Tiana's Riverboat Hidden Mickey) [ ] Water Tower (behind the train station, Mickey Mouse logo on water tower) Tomorrowland [ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (planet Ska-densii) [ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Green Planet - green swirl Hidden Mickey) [ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Mickey on orange Scrabble tiles in first room) [ ] Star Tours (Flight Attendant's Mickey hairdo) [ ] Star Tours (Ewok with a Mickey Mouse plush in the safety video) [ ] Star Traders (Star Wars inspired Classic Mickey in display window) [ ] Star Traders (three flying saucers inside the shop) [ ] Space Mountain (speakers in the coaster cars form a Classic mickey) [ ] Space Mountain (Command Center shielding) [ ] Space Mountain (Hidden Mickey craters on the floating asteroid) [ ] Pizza Port (Mickey molecules on the Adventure Thru Inner Space poster) [ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Classic Mickeys above the doors) [ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Partial Hidden Mickey on the double doors) [ ] Innoventions: Tom Morrow (Mickey shoelaces & Mickeys in pockets) [ ] Innoventions (grape Hidden Mickeys in the hallway mural downstairs) [ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (video window near Dream Home front door) [ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey porch railing) [ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (circle patterned yellow carpet Hidden Mickey) [ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey silhouette book end) [ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (thank you sign) [ ] Innoventions monitor camera (Mickey shaped webcams found upstairs) [ ] Innoventions (artwork in Honda Theatre, Mickey hidden in a green square) [ ] Innoventions (red glass bead Hidden Mickey, under the glass floor upstairs) [ ] Tomorrowland Terrace Stage (metalwork Hidden Mickey) [ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey license plate sticker) [ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey - Mouse Crossing street sign) [ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (coral wall in queue, near Monorail elevator exit) [ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Observation Outpost locker Hidden Mickey) [ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Occasionally - Rope Loop Mickey on docks) Adventureland [ ] Jungle Cruise (cast iron frying pan Hidden Mickey aboard "Suwannee Lady") [ ] Adventureland Bazaar - Indiana Jones Store (Round Screen Hidden Mickey) [ ] Indiana Jones (Mara Temple script - MM) [ ] Indiana Jones (well cover hieroglyphs Hidden Mickey) [ ] Indiana Jones (Eeyore parking sign above the queue in the projection room) [ ] Indiana Jones (Hidden Mickey shadow on the wall in projection room) [ ] Indiana Jones (Classic Mickey shadow on the wall in movie room queue) [ ] Indiana Jones (Mickey Mouse Life Magazine cover in Indy's office) [ ] Indiana Jones (Idol of Mara - cleft in upper lip & nostrils Hidden Mickey) [ ] Indiana Jones (Bones, the skeleton, wearing personalized Mickey ears) [ ] Indiana Jones (coiled cobra icon Hidden Mickey) [ ] Tarzan's Tree House (curtain hooks) [ ] Tarzan's Tree House (Classic Mickey steel drums) [ ] Tarzan's Tree House (steel drum & smaller barrels) New Orleans Square [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (shell Mickey in beach scene) [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (treasure room treasure chest lock) [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Davy Jones projection, barnacle Hidden Mickey) [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (fort wall impact crater) [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Mickey decorated armor in the gunfight room) [ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Exit Corridor - antique lock outside Pieces of Eight) [ ] Blue Bayou (stained glass Classic Mickey in lobby) [ ] Club 33 (gold detail Hidden Mickey on cast member vests) [ ] Jewel of Orleans (Hidden Mickey projected onto the ceiling) [ ] Court des Anges (look for this secluded area's sign) [ ] Haunted Mansion (wallpaper in the haunted art gallery) [ ] Haunted Mansion (Classic Mickey arrangement of plates on ballroom table) [ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - stained glass holly berries) [ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - snowdrift in ballroom) [ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - black plate place setting) [ ] Disney Dream Suite (special star lighting in master bath) [ ] Disney Dream Suite (red Hidden Mickey on carpet) [ ] Disney Dream Suite (blue Hidden Mickey on carpet) Frontierland [ ] Golden Horseshoe stage vent (Hidden Mickey on center vent) [ ] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (three giant gears Hidden Mickey) [ ] S.S. Mark Twain (Classic Mickey ironwork between the smokestacks) [ ] S.S. Mark Twain River Excursions sign (Hidden Mickey silhouette) [ ] Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (above the cave entrance, left from the raft) [ ] Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (Mickey in cement on top of the chimney) [ ] Rivers of America (Classic Mickey river rocks) [ ] Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (wooden post Hidden Mickey) [ ] Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo (wooden sink counter, Mickey knot hole) [ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (reigns & bridles feature Classic Mickeys) [ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (horseshoe Hidden Mickey in the giant horseshoe pile) [ ] Shooting Exposition (Mickey-shaped cactus) [ ] Pioneer Mercantile (Mickeys on the various wall lamps inside the gift shop) Critter Country [ ] Splash Mountain (height requirement sign, faux wood knot Hidden Mickey) [ ] Splash Mountain (hand crank gears form a Hidden Mickey) [ ] Splash Mountain (photo of Mickey Mouse riding Splash Mountain) [ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey hidden in the wood grain, right side at entrance) [ ] Winnie the Pooh (Hidden Mickey on the side of Gopher's Burrow) [ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey ears on bookcase behind sleeping Pooh) [ ] Winnie the Pooh (honey splatter Hidden Mickey) [ ] The Briar Patch Gift Shop (cabbage Mickey hidden on the shelves) Toontown [ ] Order of the Mouse Seal (Classic Mickey above Toontown entrance) [ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (paint bucket swirl Mickey hidden in queue) [ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (Classic Mickey hidden on hubcap in loading area) [ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (room with buildings, back of double doors) [ ] Fireworks Factory (look closely at the rockets protruding from the brick facade) [ ] Toontown Firehouse (ring the bell and look for the dalmatian puppy in a window) [ ] Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt (Classic Mickey only seen when closed) [ ] Mickey's House (Mickey shaped mailbox) [ ] Mickey's House (Meet Mickey Sign) [ ] Mickey's House (Mickey shaped window on front door) [ ] Mickey's House (Classic Mickey welcome mat) [ ] Mickey's House (various books feature Hidden Mickeys on their spines) [ ] Mickey's House (Surrealist Mickey Artwork) [ ] Mickey's House (notepad on Mickey's desk) [ ] Mickey's House (photo of Walt Disney & Mickey) [ ] Mickey's House (metronome on Mickey's piano) [ ] Mickey's House (Hidden Mickeys in the player piano sheet music) [ ] Mickey's House (One Hidden Donald in the player piano sheet music) [ ] Mickey's House (Movie Screen - Hidden Mickey countdown) [ ] Mickey's House (Hidden Mickey on paintbrush in Tuxedo Mickey's photo area) [ ] Mickey's House (sheet music Hidden Mickey in Silly Symphony photo area) [ ] Mickey's House (starry night Hidden Mickey in Sorcerer's Apprentice photo area) [ ] Mickey's Toontown Car (Hidden Mickey on hubcaps) [ ] Minnie's House (orange book on Minnie's bookcase) [ ] Minnie's House (pictures feature Mickey & Minnie) [ ] Minnie's House (balls of yarn Hidden Mickey) [ ] Minnie's House (Mickey on the front of Minnie's fridge) [ ] Minnie's House (relish inside Minnie's fridge) [ ] Cast Member Exit (stone Hidden Mickey on wall) [ ] Toontown Port Office (Post Office Letter-shaped sign has a Mickey stamp) [ ] Mickey's Post Office Box (each character's box features their silhouette) [ ] Toontown Lantern (outdoor lamp features a Classic Mickey pattern) [ ] Toontown Telephone (Hidden Mickey in the canter of the rotary dial) [ ] Toontown's Third Little Piggy Bank (Mickey faced coins on sign) [ ] Gadget's Go Coaster (Classic Mickey shaped rocks in queue) [ ] Gadget's Go Coaster (partially Hidden Mickey on blueprints) [ ] Toontown Toonhole Cover (manhole cover) [ ] Mickey's House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Mickey topper & ornaments) [ ] Minnie's House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Minnie topper & ornaments) Mousellaneous Disneyland Resort [ ] Long Lost Friends (Pocahontas Backdrop) [ ] Holiday Season Mickey Popcorn Bucket (Holly Berries on Top Hat) [ ] Holiday Season Cups (Hidden Mickey Snowflakes) [ ] Cast Member Service Ring (Mickey's silhouette adorns these gold service rings) [ ] Cast Member Keychains (keychains feature Classic Mickey cutouts) [ ] Disneyland Security Badge (burgundy Classic Mickeys centered on each badge) [ ] Disneyland Security Logo (Classic Mickey logos found on neckties and patches)
Thanks Disney77, now nobody else has to answer.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
lol I got one that wasn't on his list. On the haunted mansion near the beginning on the attic there is a small clock, and there's a Mickey etched into the front of it.
There are 3 gears at the bottom left of the second chain pull up hill on Thunder Mountain.
The mickey ears are no longer next to Pooh sleeping!
Micky Manny
Haunted Mansion as you enter get under one of the light fixtures on the wall and look up
Mike Morris
Star Tours- robot shadow while in que

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