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Best time to visit Walt Disney Wolrd

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Hi! I'm planning my first trip to Walt Disney World and I was wondering when is the best time to visit? and any tips you might have as far as travel and hotel accommodations!? Thank You!
Hope your trip goes well! but I would post your inquiry the Disney World section of the app, its towards the bottom of the screen. That forum would have better responses for you! I think theres even a Disney World hotel forum too. Good luck!
Christina MPT
Hi Gabriel_Disney, I am a frequent WDW person myself! I personally think that every day is the perfect day for WDW. However personal experience, I think that first week after school starts is prime time to go. As far as accommodations, that is dependant upon your families needs and "wishes". I am here to help! Please feel free to email me at christina@magicalpartnerstravel.com to get more information or a vacation quote!
Mid-October through the end of May is the best, temperature wise. Summer is very hot and uncomfortable, unless you are used to that climate. Also avoid the obvious busy times like spring break, holidays, etc. Stay on property if you can as they make your travel to the parks very convenient and there may be perks for doing so. A huge advantage of WDW is the ability to schedule your time. Work with someone like MPT to help you navigate your options.

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