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ok guys, my hubby gave me the ok to start researching and uber planning a "near future" WDW vacation (sometime in the next 2 years). to maximize our vacation buck, when is the most economical time to visit WDW? I know they tend to run free dining in the fall, but is it worth it, and are there even cheaper time to visit? We will likely stay in the all star movies resort because my little hockey player would LOVE the mighty ducks building and pool more than any of the fancy higher end hotels, and that's A-OK with me and my wallet.
From the calendars I've seen on WDW Prep School, it seemed like late Spring was a good time. We went late spring this year and early fall last year, and I felt the former was best, as the temperature wasn't nearly as humid and hot as the early fall, considering it was still hurricane season. For crowds and weather, I liked late Spring (we were there May 2-9).
Mike - MPT Owner
For economic reasons, September after Labor Day is the best time for WDW. This is based purely on economics.
Disney World is running some deals at the end of august with hotel and park tickets for a family of 4 for around 1000, I believe it is 5 nights and either tickets for 3 or 4 days
Thanks Mike, I think WDW is feasible for us next year, but it becomes a numbers game balancing flight cost and hotel costs fluxuations. The free dining offer seems like such a good deal and if it falls during the economic season too then that makes the planning even easier. the august deal wouldn't be bad, but I don't think I could do just 3 or 4 days, this will likely be a once (hopefully twice :) ) in my sons childhood trip and I'd love to stretch it to 6 or 7 days if we can. I had put off even planning it until he was big enough to ride everything and remember the trip, next year he turns 10. my sister was 11 when we went as kids and she loved it and remembers most of the fun stuff we did.
Don't forget, the "memories" are also for YOU

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