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October weather

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Captain Arrow
I am coming the end of oct and was wondering how the weather is. I am from Utah so there is no humidity here and it's already down in the 50's. How warm is it and how bad is the humidity in Florida right now? I'm somewhat nervous cause I hate the humidity. Any suggestions?
We were just there at beginning of October and I'm from Washington state (so I'm a wimp to hot weather). It was 90s and extremely humid. Not sure if that's the norm. But in between parks I'd go cool off at hotel and most days change outfits. Hope this helps:)
I am here now and leave tomorrow. Been here since the 12th. It has been in the upper 80's with 95-97% humidity every day. I too hate the humidity. It was bearable knowing a lot of shops have A.C. and most rides have an indoor section that is air conditioned too. Good luck to you.
its always humid in florida in october anywhere from 70-99% humidity thats notmal
How did the weather affect people’s visits the past few weeks? We love going to Disneyland but next year for a big birthday we are thinking of going to Disneyworld. Oct 20-26 or so of 2018. How much does rain affect the park? The humidity isn’t a huge concern to me. I’m more worried about rain and hurricanes. Thank you for any input!
We were there the 12-19. It rained a couple times each day on the 13th and 14th, then nothing the remainder days. when it did rain it only lasted 5 minutes or so. I bought travel insurance in the event of hurricanes.

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