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Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World

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Jack Skell
When would be the best time to visit the entire resort, weather wise?
We went the first week of May. Weather was great and low crowds Mon-Thur. Fri-Sat crowds were managable but busier.
Try to avoid June through September - the heat really drains you on all that pavement. September and October run the risk of hurricanes. The rest of the year is good, weather wise, but there can be some cold snaps in January and February.
there are quite a few good times to visit, Fall has the Food and Wine Festival, Spring has the Flower and Garden Festival, it really depends on what you want to see and do. Both Fall and Spring are my favorite times to visit, but anytime I can get there is my favorite time.
I am considering Disneyworld for a trip but it's in October. I have read that it's hurricane season. How much does that actually effect the parks? I don't know that I'll have another opportunity but is it better to just go to Disneyland and maybe catch Disneyworld another year? Thanks!
Hurricane Matthew closed the parks for about a day last year. Hurricanes don't always hit that area. I would go and hope for the best.
we usually always go in September or October and have never had an issue.
We are planning to go but saving extra to stay at a resort hotel so if parks close, hotels still have stuff to do according to vloggers we have seen.
We usually travel in December because it’s not too hot and it’s not that crowded. There is also a podcast that you can listen to. They have an episode 07/05/17 they talk about the best and worst times to visit Disney World. The podcast is called DIS Unplugged Disney World Edition. I get a lot of information from these podcasts.

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