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Best time to go to Disney world?

Forums > Parks > Best time to go to Disney world?
When is the best time go as far as the weather is concern and holidays? :)
The last couple of time we've been down there was during the first two weeks of December. The first time we were there it was COLD and windy. We were freezing out there while watching the candlelight procession. I did not pack for cold weather so I had to buy a sweatshirt. The second we went, it was nice around the 80s. That time I packed for cold and warm weather. We're going again this year near Christmas so i'll be watching the weather closely.
Mike - MPT Owner
Mid September to late October is considered the least busy time to go to Disney World. This goes for both weather and Crowds
Menehune thanks for the info...mike-MPT agent thanks a lot sir that's really helpful Yea I'm planing to go next year just that my gf really hates the heat lol now I know when to go thanks again mike
Mike - MPT Owner
Jay2589 - one other benefit of October is that the Food And Wine festival is going on at Epcot all month. It is a great time to explore food for inexpensive (comparatively).
Forgot to mention that both times when we went during the first two weeks of December, it was not busy.
Yeah, Mike's right about the Food & Wine festival, and October will have better weather. I always go at the end of August cuz I get the affordable travel rates but it is HOT! Go October if you don't want to melt.
we are going in march. what is the weather like then?
I just got back from WDW and I read early December the crowds would be light but it was pretty crowded. I've also been in late April early May with much lighter crowds. Weather at that time was very comfortable. Last week there was only one night that was really cold, other than that it wasn't too bad.
Justin Michael Porter Dorval
How is January after the xmas rush?
Disney family
how is for Xmas time?
Mike - MPT Owner
Justin, January isnt too bad. Rides do start closing down for maintenance in January. La Ximenilla, Christmas Eve to New Years Day is WDW busiest time period of the year. Magic Kingdom is generally full by 11am. They try to route others to the other parks once capacity is reached.
I have been at the end of April/beginning of May and its was extremely slow! We walked right on to most of the rides. His was 5 years ago though. I am going again at the beginning of April and sources say it shouldn't be too crowded. I am hoping they are right!
7 Disney Nuts
Beginning of November is a great time to go.

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