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Park hoppers for Disney world

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So today I had someone ask me if they should do a five day park hopper to Disney world I've never been there so I'm not sure. What does everyone else think
My experience was that is was not worth it; but I know others would disagree. I just think the parks are too far apart and you can lose considerable time moving between them.
Bryant "MegaDisney" - DIO/MPT
I usually recommend park hoppers. Some parks are not full day experiences & some close early.
Been to WDW the past four years and always got hopper tickets. It's cheaper to to buy single park passes but I love the flexibility you get with the hopper. You're not stuck at one park per day, you can come and go as you please!
7 Disney Nuts
When we went in 09 we choose not to get park hoppers, the parks are to far apart, and there is so much to do and see outside the parks. I think we made the right choice. we won't get park hoppers when we go next year
I'm always in favor of buying the 1 park per day tickets and upgrading to hopper if we decide we need it. haven't been to WDW in a while, but we did great last time without the hoppers, there's so much to do everywhere, even at the hotels and in DTD.
Do you think that a five day park hopper is a good minimum amount of days to do the four theme parks? Or would six be better? I haven't been to Disneyworld in over 15 years!
7 Disney Nuts
We will do 2 days per park and still feel like we missed alot
I remember the last time we went, we stayed almost two weeks. Of course we went to Tampa, went to Universal Studios a couple days, went shopping, but we still felt we missed a ton. I know it's impossible to see it all but I don't think I can get that much time off from work!!
Mike - MPT Owner
My advice is to set specific goals when visiting WDW. If you try to do everything, you will always fail. Instead, think about what you want to do most when you go and do it. That way, whether you go for 1 day or 15 you will still have a great time.
With a little guy. We do 1 Park per day. With a break in the middle of the day. But we do the water parks and more add on that is really worth it
I always do a hopper since I don't care to spend much time in Animal Kingdom, but I love Everest! Same with Soarin at Epcot :)
We are going for our first time this November and wonder this also! How long does it take to get from one park FL another?? No tram between the parks right?
Busses run between all the parks and Disney hotels. Monorail also available between MK & Epcot with transfer at the transportation center.
Out first time was last January for a 4 day weekend. We did the hopper and really liked it. We are going again this January but for s full week. Staying at 3 different resorts and doing 2 days at each of the accompanying parks- animal kingdom Epcot and magic kingdom. Soooo excited. The hopper will allow us to change our minds during the days if we want. BTW we are DVC members that is why the different resorts.
when we went, we stayed in one park for the whole day, we just didn't want to have to deal with the buses and other transportation. so I don't think park hopper tickets are worth it.
were going next year and opted for the park hopper especially because they have extra magic hours and certain parks open earlier and some stay open later so i always want to take advantage of those
Captain Arrow
I just got back from my first time there and it was great! We did 5 days. One day per park and then the last day we hit 3 of the parks and went to things that were our favorites. It would be ideal to do 4 regular day passes and then just 1 day with park hopper
Angela Angi Weaver West
Captain arrow it’s not possible to split them like that. You either pay to park hop all days or buy a separate park hopper ticket.
Angela they way they probably did it was buy the park hopper on the last day
Captain Arrow
No, I understand that. We bought all park hopper tickets, but it would have been nice if we could have done 4 regular and then 1 hopper
you can add the hopper at any time
Mama Bear
about how long does it actually take to get from one park to another?
Captain Arrow
I would say between 10-30 mins depending on which one you are at and where you are going

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