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Forums > Magical Partners Travel > Barbara
We just returned from our trip. Bob kosoy was wonderful ! He met us at baggage claim and picked us up right on time He was originally from the same area I used to live near outside of Chicago so we had a nice chat from the airport. He was so nice to our son and let him ride " shotgun ". Thank you so much for recommending him We will definitely take his cab next time we fly
Barbara - MPT Agent
Thank you so much for the feedback Gayle! I'm so glad you were happy with his service. We have arranged for him to pick us up from Orange County Airport when we arrive on Sunday and I will pass on your compliment :)
Lucky you ! Have a great time !!
Oh yes , Barbara please tell him we said hi. So he'll know who we are , our son is Korean but we're not lol. His name is Ryan , my husband is Rudy. Thanks !!!
Mickey Bound
Did not know you could arrange a certain person to pick you up at airport.
Court - DIO/MPT Agent
That's awesome!

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