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Lyndsey O is Great for Magical Vacations

Forums > Magical Partners Travel > Lyndsey O is Great for Magical Vacations
I have used DIO for a few years now and this is my second trip booking through MPT and Lyndsey.

Each year she always emails me to see if I'm ready to book my next Disney vacation. She also remembers we usually go around my wife's birthday. Also details from our last trip and if we,want the same reservations, etc. Every time is so easy by just giving what we are looking for and getting the emails quickly and checking the details. I was just thinking how great our next trip will be in 7 days and the great work Lyndsey did for us.

if you haven't used MPT it is definitely worth it. I got all 5 character/meal reservations at the times we wanted, best price, and a great goodie package. She even recapped it recently for us and it was automatically linked to my disney sign in.

just awesome, thanks so much
Lyndsey MPT
Thanks so much Timothy! I'm so happy to help! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make your vacations extra special! Have so much fun on your next trip & don't hesitate to contact me with any questions :)

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