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Help with transportation

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Lovin Disney
I apologize if this isn't a good question for this forum because it's technically not about Disney! But we are spending 5 days at Disneyland starting Dec 13th we received free tickets to go to universal on the 12th we are not renting a car my question what us my best bet to get there and back without spending a ton tour pick up is out it comes before we will be arriving at our hotel! Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Feel free to delete if not an approved question! ThAnk you!
You might try posting in Vacation Planning. I am sure someone will have some help. This particular room is for questions about/help with booking travel with Magical Partners Travel. I am not admin, but I think it is a perfectly good question. I just think you will get more help in a different room.
Lovin Disney
I will do that! And thank you for the help!
Try Uber or Lyft they are quicker to arrive, cheaper and more convenient than any other method to get to Universal from Anaheim.

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