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A huge thank you to Courtney

Forums > Magical Partners Travel > A huge thank you to Courtney
I recently booked our family reunion at the DLR for next September through MPT and it was a fantastic experience!!! Courtney was so patient in answering all my questions and so helpful in getting me different package prices. My family makes up 5 different groups, each of us with our own budgets and special requests but all of these were accommodated because of Courtney and MPT. It's a big deal, our visit next year - we will be celebrating the end of my 1 1/2 yr-old nephew's treatments for brain cancer, my 5 and 3 yr-old niece and nephew's first visit, and my daughter's 1st birthday - so to have it all come together so easily and quickly was a huge load off my plate. Thank you for that Courtney!! And if anyone is looking to book a Disney vacation - Magical Partners Travel is the BEST way to go!!
Court - DIO/MPT Agent
Thank you so much!!! This warms my heart. I am so very excited for your family and all you are celebrating!! :-)
Bryant "MegaDisney" - DIO/MPT
Thanks so much for the feedback! What a Magical trip for you and your family! Courtney is the best! We will make sure she gets an extra piece of pumpkin pie tomorrow!

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