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Honeymoon in DisneyWorld

Forums > Hotels & Resorts of WDW > Honeymoon in DisneyWorld
Autumn Ries
So we are looking for honeymoon options and naturally disneyworld was one of our top picks! I wanna see if anyone here can help us out with our decision! We've both been once when we were very little so we don't remember a lot. Where did you stay? Are there any honeymoon buttons( like birthday buttons)? Was it romantic? Help us out!
yes, there are just married buttons. if you are looking for a relaxing honeymoon after a hectic wedding, WDW is not the place.....too much to see, too much to do. having said that, my preference is the Polynesian, only because we live Hawaii and it's like home. you will be on the go 100% of the time. if that's ok, then, go for it. we perfer Disneyland. will be celebrating 35 years in October at Grand Californian. never too old for the Mouse.
I think the just married, happy anniversary and one other button were discontinued, and a new happily ever after style was added, if I remember right. still cute, but not limited to honeymoon. I would have loved a disney honeymoon, but we opted for a relaxing vacation and it was well worth it, but the wedding gown was crazy since we did it all our selves, we needed the relaxing trip. now we are headed to DL in august for our 4th anniversary (kid free) and WDW in september for our family vacation.
we honeymooned there 19 years ago, but stayed off property. We went back 2 years later and stayed on property and enjoyed the experience much more. We stayed at the All Star Movies then. We are going back in October of 2017 for our 20 year and are staying at the Caribbean Beach resort this time. I agree with Abigail that there is soon much to see and do that it was not really relaxing for us the first time. Hence why we returned 2 years later.

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