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Disney gift cards

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Natasha Sundberg
My family is considering buying a ton of Disney gift cards because they are on sale . So my question is , which food places and things can we use them at while at Disneyland . I know food carts don't allow them . But is it worth it to buy gift cards and use at restraunts ? Thanks
The only place in DTD that takes them is the World of Disney Store. At the hotels you can use them at all the restaurant places and gift shops. You can even use them for your stay , if staying on resort.
But more importantly...where are they on sale?? We've been buying them for the down payment, Halloween party tickets and will be using them in the park.
You can always get them at Target. If you use your Target RedCard, you can get 5% off. Plus if you get Target gift cards, you can use them to buy Disney gift cards.
Is that the sale being referred to? I like getting them at a Kroger store (Fred Meyer here) when it's 4x fuel points, which is happening now!
Yes please do tell where this sale is??

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