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Jazz Kitchen

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Disney Dork
I ate at the Jazz Kitchen most of the food had to go back the chicken and waffles were frozen chicken strip and what tasted like frozen chicken strip on top with mushrooms and ham chunks pretty gross overall bad food waste
We had two bad experiences in a row with really bad service and marginal food. Sent one meal back because it was cold and the second meal had zero flavor. Gave them a second chance. Not much better so we no longer go there
I've never had a bad meal there. I've been going there since it opened.
Senior Mickey
our favorite place to eat. never a bad meal.
My friends and I wanted to try it one night on our most recent trip. Got seated near the live band so it was a little louder than we liked--but that happens so no big deal. Menu however was pricey and there wasn't much we wanted to try so we left before ordering. But I do need to give them the benefit of the doubt because I hear so many positive things about it. Just wasn't the place for me and my friends. Sorry about your experience. That sounds awful :(
Disney Family
I've eaten there several times since they opened, never a bad experience. The double chocolate bread pudding is AMAZING. It's too bad you had bad experiences.
I love the non- sit down part!! Never been to the actual restaurant!
It’s very very good. Don’t know why some people have to complain. They probably don’t like the corndogs at the little red wagon, either.
Senior Mickey
Jw690, I don't like corn dogs at all, except at the Little Red Wagon. I will definitely eat a corn dog there!
BTW, Disney dork, I doubt very highly that this restaurant serves frozen chicken strips and frozen waffles. This is after all Disney endorsed; everything fresh.

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