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hotel drop off area

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Ashley Disney
does anyone know where I can find a map if it exists for what hotels drop off at which spot .my mom can't walk that far and she wants me to find out what hotels drop off the closest to the front gate as possible so we can get a wheel chair for her.
Matterhorn girl
What do you mean Drop off area? do you mean where the bus drops you off in front of the hotel?
Senior Mickey
if you are staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel, the Anaheim Transit drops everyone off at the same place....I think it's the Harbor Boulevard side. Hotel drop off points are in front of the hotels main entrances. Not sure if any of this is what you are looking for.
The hotel shuttles drop off in the same spot off of Harbor blvd. Once you are off the shuttle you have to go through security and then your at the gates.
I don't think the ART bus picks up/drops off at each hotel (may have to walk a block or 2 to catch the bus or get to hotel at end of day). You might check the Anaheim Transit Authority website to see if they have a map. Also, depending on where you're staying, there are scooter places that will drop off/pick up scooter at hotel so your mother wouldn't have to wait until she got to the parks to rent one.
Ashley Disney
I mean the area where your hotel shuttle drops you off when you first get to Disneyland...how each hotel is designated an area or number that they drop off and pick up if u are coming or going to Disneyland
Senior Mickey
Ashley Disney, if the hotel has a shuttle, they drop you off in the same area ART drops everyone. if I remember correctly, the hotel busses have the area all the way to the right as you enter the bus lot. Will your Mom be in a wheel chair? The ART busses are (for the most part), handicapped accessible. Be sure the hotel bus can accommodate your Mom.
You may actually consider renting a wheelchair/scooter from an outside vendor. We have before for my father. Most companies will drop the chair/scooter at your hotel and most shuttles are accessible

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