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Magic Morning

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I will have 1 Magic Morning on my trip. I want to use it at Disneyland on a Thursday. My question is sometimes they let people in early and we line up on main street until park opening hours. If they let us in early to line up on main street on a tuesday how do I ensure that it doesn't use my 1 magic morning? Does this make sense? Thank you.
There is certain lines at the gate that are for early magic morning entry. If you are wanting to enter at regular hours stand in regular line and wait for them to let you through. You won’t enter the gates until it almost regular park opening. If that makes sense.
you would need to check if they offer the MM on Thur for Disneyland as MM goes back and forth between parks. you cant just choose which day to use your MM..
Yes I looked it up and Disneyland does offer it on Thursday.

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