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Questions about Halloween party tickets

Forums > Disneyland > Questions about Halloween party tickets
How much are the tickets and are they refundable??
Mickey Bound
Generally around100.00 and no refunds
we paid $95 each for ours in Sept but the closet you get to Halloween they go up I think I saw $105 or $110 but I could be wrong.
Keep in mind it essentially replaces a day ticket. You get in to the park before the party begins and they start pushing everyone out before it starts. The park is open longer and the crowds are amazingly light. We waited for lines much less than during the day and for most just walked right on, especially during the parades and fireworks.
Tickets range from $95-110 depending what day of the week and how close to Halloween it is (as of last year, I assume they’ll raise the prices this year like they have with everything else). We’ve done it twice and very much worth it if you happen to be down there that time of year. A lot of unique activities you don’t see during a normal day there.
Prices go up the closer to Halloween you get. A little over $100 is about average. And no refunds.
Poisoned Apple
We went this past Halloween on Halloween night and tickets were $120ea and that was with AP price.

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