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Christmas time 2018

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We are considering driving out from AZ for a day trip when we are there for Christmas this year. Are there any decent days or is always packed that time of year? And out of curiosity, is there any recognition of Hanukah or just Christmas?
Matterhorn girl
I'm not sure about Hanukkah but the first two weeks of December are pretty good, not too busy. Weekdays are always better than Weekends.
We have done Christmas time a couple of times and go early in December and go during weekdays. It's not dead, but wayyyy slower compared to what I've heard and seen as it gets close to Christmas.
We will be in AZ just before and after Christmas (we usually go for about a week) so early December would be great but not an option. Is it any better to go before or after Christmas Day?
Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
We went the 26-29 CRAZY packed use the MaxPass and it wasn’t terrible I however will never plan to do that again. First couple weeks on December is way to go
Good to know Tami, thanks!

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