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Honest answers welcomed

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Jennifer Wright
Be honest...how terrible is Disneyland the last week of June? Is it worse than thanksgiving week or during spring break?
I never go in the summer, but last year the only time for my mommy son trip was end of June, weather was good, and a ghost town when we walked in on a Sunday. you just never know anymore.
Disney go girl
I don't think it will be terrible. I went for the summer a couple of times. It wasn't too bad. It's hot and yes it's busy but not unbearable. It depends on your outlook. be prepared for it to be busy, take a break mid day while the crowds are at their busiest. get max pass to ensure you get the rides you want with short waits.
personally I prefer spring break to summer. the crowds aren't bad (I think because so many people are trying to avoid spring break crowds and closures- a trip in early March is wildly different then a trip in late march). last year we went march 15th and stayed five days, and the longest line we ever stood in was a little over an hour for space mountain. honestly, as long as you plan well, and utilize fast passes (or I guess max pass? I'm not sure how that works, and I'm kind of terrified to learn tbh.) as much as possible, it doesn't matter what time of year you come. California doesn't really get that hot, and it's hottest months are the late summer ones. so unless you're from a place where 80 degrees is considered hot, you're probably okay. the only reason I can think the last week of June specifically might be worse is because it's the week before the 4th of July, and since it's a summer holiday it is probably the easiest date to work with for familes- most people have it off from work, kids are out of school...

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