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When is grad night in May

Forums > Disneyland > When is grad night in May
I’m thinking of going for two days in May for my birthday. I really want to avoid Grad nights though. Anyone know when grad nights are in May?
According to touringplans.com this year they are May 4,5,11,12, 15,16,18,19,22,23,29,30. We were there during a grad night last year. Wasn't unbearable but def added to the crowds. Mostly uncontrolled teenagers so you can imagine how that was lol
yes when i was there in may DL closed to capacity from grad night
Disney Dave
We went on a Saturday Grad Nite and lines were so long for Pirates and Haunted Mansion that the lines were next to each other. Not a good day.
Senior Mickey
Do grads have to wait for a specific time to enter. Asking because we are taking a short Disney cruise, followed by a short stay at DL in May.
Mickey Bound
I believe they can come any time
Senior Mickey
Mahalo, Mickey Bound! We will make the best of it, I'm sure.
Disney Dave
In the past, they could come at any time. They had to be in California Adventure around 7 pm. This left Disneyland teenager free in the evening.

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