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How many Fast passes can you have one your max pass at one time?
It works the same as the normal (free) fastpass. The only advantage is that you get the fastpasses on your phone and don't need to go to the ride to get it
yeah its the same but its amazing the time and walking you save having it on your phone plus you get the photopass..
And to be able to get a FP on your phone for a ride while sitting and enjoying a meal in downtown Disney is awesome.
And you can get a FP for a ride while in line for another that you used a FP for, right?
Disney go girl
Yes Jenny, as soon as you scan you current fast pass you can get another one. so if its 8am and you get a fast pass for say 8:15 - 9:15 am, it will say you can't get another one until 9:30. but as soon as you scan your fast pass you can book another one. the timing between fast passes is 1.5hrs. we usually take a break in the afternoon and go back to our hotel. while we are at the hotel I can continue to book them so that when we return in the evening, we have a few lined up.
If you have 5 people in your group does everyone need to have Maxpass on their phones or can only one person have it and scan all 5 tickets?
My understanding is you can give one person’s phone control over all the tickets. So one person can manage your whole group's passes. For example, they could get passes for the entire vacation group, but if two people did not want to ride a certain ride then you can omit then when you get passes. Hope that helps and made sense lol
yes correct i have me and my daughters ticket and maxpass on my phone
Disney go girl
everyone needs to have max pass to use it. but they can all be combined in one phone.

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