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Going in November

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Lamonte Jones
Maybe a little early to ask but how busy is the park the week after thanksgiving?
I have never been on Thanksgiving but it is very busy a few days before and a few days after. i think if you wait till a few days after its alright. if you look at is it packed.com it helps. but usually anytime families have a few days off for vacation it's packed.
We were there this year It was busy , but not unbearable. We plan to go again next November.
I think the week after THanksgiving shouldn’t be bad if you arrive after the weekend. We went the week of Thanksgiving and there were tons of people but it was very doable. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised and we hate crowds. Lol.
Lamonte Jones
Yeah we are think going November 26-30 and hoping it's not to bad
we went the week after thanksgiving and Monday was still a little busy, but Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday were AWESOME. the grandbabies got to see Santa over at ca. best time to give as far as I'm concerned

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