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Gift cards

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Thinking about putting Christmas gift cash into a Disney card for our trip. Any place I CANT use the card at Disney? Smaller food stands? Does anyone else load up a gift card and use that on their trip?
Why are they a pain with dining? Can you tip with them?
Pixie dust
I love gift cards we use both. They can be used at most all disney restaurants and at all disney shops just not at carts that sell drinks and brand name stores I think they are great. I buy them all year. We buy our AP with them and give them as gifts to our kids. I’m very happy with them
all restaurants in the park take disney gift cards also the drink carts (well at least the beer cart in CA adventure) took our cards. the only restaurants you can't use them at are the ones in downtown Disney. The hotels and restaurants in the hotels will also accept them. buy them at your grocery store if you get gas points. then you get a gas discount and your credit card perjs.
I've never had that problem we had cards that were definitely less than dining and you just give them cash/credit card to cover the rest. cash members have no problem with this from what I've been told is mostly you can't use them with people selling balloons and things like that. but I can't say yes or no for sure as I haven't bought that stuff.
We thought they were totally worth having. Don’t rely on them solely but good to help with budgeting.
My last DL trip I never used cash, only Disney gift cards. And I never had an issue with using them for dining at DL. I did have issues with a Visa gift card when dining on a trip other than to DL, but not the Disney gift cards at DL.

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