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Honest tips for overweight

Forums > Disneyland > Honest tips for overweight
Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
So honestly getting nervous I can get around my normal day fine but all the walking im going to do I think I’m going to die. Not literally just figuratively. I get out of breath walking 1/2 mile or less. I’m planning on resting a lot too
when are you going the weather can play a big part.. dress comfy nothing tight. i like workout pants and a long shirt.. drink lots of water which is free at all counter service areas and maybe a small hand fan.. i just went thru chemo and gained almost 30lbs from all the steroids and i am going early jan going to be interesting as i am still very tired all the time
I'm a bigger gal, and no matter what, your feet will hurt. But I take plenty of pit stops, people watch, ride pirates and small world. if you have the time, don't rush, enjoy the atmosphere.
You can rent an ECV if your feet hurt too much. It can help. You can stay in regular lines at DCA.
Matterhorn girl
I'm no spring chicken and I'm not real thin but I'm not happy either but if you wear comfy tennis shoes have a nice chicken sandwich for lunch not hamburgers chicken gives you energy walk at a slow to medium pace instead of medium too fast you'll last a lot longer in the long run try sitting down about 5-10 minutes out of every hour and you will last longer ride the train around a couple times or take a quick Buzz around on the monorail oh yeah and don't forget to have lots of fun
If you rent a scooter rent from select mobility they are awesome cheaper than renting from Disney and they will deliver to your hotel
I’m a big gal- short and round. We just got back from a week in the parks. My suggestions are to bring a couple pairs of shoes that you know are comfortable and switch shoes mid day. Bring mole skin with you- helps so much with blisters. And bring whatever you use for muscle pain- I use an essential oil blend called deep relief and rub it on over worked muscles. It is a lot of walking, but if you plan for it and take breaks as you need them- it’s totally doable. We were averaging 16-18 miles a day, but with a little planning it really was an amazing trip.
I would say know your own personal limits and listen to your body. if it's telling you to rest do it. whats wonderful about disneyland is that sitting and watching is a big part of the magic. I would also recommend if you can before leaving start going on some walks or get some steps in. it might help condition your body a little so you can get past the 1/2 mile mark. have fun and enjoy!!!
as long as you listen to your body youll be fine. my whole family is squishy. and we've never had any weight caused issues. Disney is a lot of walking, but it's just walking- you control the pace. stay hydrated, utilize the sitting areas before you need to (taking a short break when you start to feel a little rundown vs being forced to take a long break when you've pushed yourself too far), eat smaller but more frequently, and don't be afraid to call it a day early. better to have good memories of a short day than bad memories of a long one, and health problems to boot.
Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
I survived ??
see you worried over nothing. i do the same thing. i have aches and pains at work, but when i go to dl they don't seem to be so bad lol.
Hope you had a great time Tami! I am heading down a week from today, been meaning to start walking, but haven't, going anyway. it's different at Disneyland. lol

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