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Fantasmic seating

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Anyone else hate the new way they do seating for fantasmic and feel like it's Disney sucking even more money out of us?
Senior Mickey
what is the new way for seating? Fantasmic was not running the week we were there in September because of the Halloween party running 3 nights that week. We are hoping for May, when we go back.
We went in October and did the Cafe Orleans dining package for 5 people (for the second showing) and honestly we thought it was worth it given we would have been spending the money for dinner there anyway. Yes, I do feel like they're nickel and diming everywhere they can but I've also come to expect it . :( As for combined seating during the second showing, they had people standing in 3 different lines (based on where you dined) and then walked you to your seating location. I haven't done dining for the first showing though to know if it's handled differently.
ivel been
Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
I went a couple of days ago three separate seating right next to each other. I went a couple of years ago and we all sat in the same place. I was front and center both times

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