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What is the funniest thing you’ve seen/experienced at the park?

Forums > Disneyland > What is the funniest thing you’ve seen/experienced at the park?
Dave Cramer
So my wife and daughter sat down on a bench to get ready to watch a parade last month and a guy had left his stroller in front of the bench and put his photopass card on the bench to save his spot! It made me laugh! He later came back with his wife and 2 kids and sat down. I usually get upset when people leave things by themselves to save a spot but I thought this one was pretty funny.
A couple of years ago on the Jungle Cruise, where the boat passes where the elephants are bathing and the last one is spraying near the boat. Our guide saw that something was wrong with the timing so she stopped the boat, backed up, started forward and the elephant wasn't working right. She asked all of us what to do and we said "go for it." As the boat reached its closest point, the elephant started spraying and our poor guide and everyone at the front got soaked.
My experience was at DCA in 2015 when watching the Viva Navidad show. My boyfriend loves Donald Duck and got hilariously upset on the part of the show when Mickey & Minnie ride through on the back of the bicycles. He started commenting on how Mickey ruined the show and how Donald can’t even have his own show. To this day, if we talk about Christmas at Disney or watch Viva Navidad On YouTube, he says the same thing. We both get a good laugh because he really didn’t want to see Mickey in Donald’s show.
First thing in the morning in April of 2016, while waiting at Starbucks in Downtown Disney, I was watching a grandpa allowing his 2 granddaughters (both around 5 years old) to reach into the “wishing” fountains and pull out coins from inside the fountain. I then watched one of the girls fall head over feet into the water while at the same time soaking the grandpa in the process. It was hilarious! All I kept thinking was, “ I guess that’s what you get for stealing other people’s wishes.” I’ll never forget it. Too funny. ;-)
One time I went with my family, we had just hotten off Indiana Jones and walkung past the part where u can see the Jungle Cruise a boat passed by and my brother started making monkey sounds. When the boat passed, a little kid thought the sound my brother made was part of the ride
so many wonderful experiences... but funniest wss when my daughter whi was 6 at the time was in a bad mood and the Mad Hatter along with Tweedle Dee and Tweetle Dum stole her shie and played keep away with it. Disney Characters know how to turn that frown upside down!

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