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Disneyland made magic for me

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I was juat recently diagnoaed with 2nd stage breast cancer and my husband contacted Disneyland as he is not an AP holder like me to try and see if there was anything special they could do for me as this will be my last trip before I start chemo and with all the medical bills we couldnt afford much.. disney gave my husband a complementary 1 day Hopper pass and while I was exhausted my husband stayed in the parks with me for 15 hrs.. it was the best time i have ever had in the parks... I was able to show my husband just how special Disney is to ..
thoughts are with you, and I am so, so glad you had an amazing day, with your special someone at such a magical place!
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Awww, that's such an amazing story! Disney really does love and provide the magic for all the guests in the magic kingdom. I'm sure Walt is guiding you through this tough time and hope you had the best day possible!!
Glad you had a great day! And wishing you all the best for your fight!
Disney is awesome.... I am so glad you had that time with him. be strong you can win this battle and beat cancer.
Mickey Bound
I think stuff like that is why we all love Disney. My thoughts are with you and hope after you get well may you have many more magical times their.
Alina....I am SO glad that Disneyland help make your visit extra 'magical' and that you had a wonderful time! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs~ °o°
Alina- I'm so very happy disney came through for you and your husband to have such a magical trip. When you return after your treatments, i hope your husband joins you in becoming an annual pass holder. You and your family will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God Bless.
So wonderful of Disney to help give you magic during your difficult time. Sounds like your time was fantastic. Wishing you all the best with your treatment.
thanks everyone my chemo starts this thur and i will be in treatment for a total of 22 weeks after chemo i will have radiation everyday for 6 weeks. I am trying hard to be strong but am so scared of what i am about to encounter.. only pray appreciate everyones prayers and kind words. i have not seen the park at xmas and only hope i can but with med bills and how i will feel its doubtful
this made me tear up... so glad you had this experience... you're in my thoughts and prayers!

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