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Air quality from fires

Forums > Disneyland > Air quality from fires
Todd Burton
Hello we leave for our trip on Thursday the 7th of September. How's the air quality with the fire being a hour away? I got three kids with asthma and want to make sure all is good. Any one gone recently
I don't know how the air quality is in the parks, we aren't there right now. We live in Oregon and are dealing with off the chart smoke the last couple weeks. If it was me- I would call guest services and ask them. I just searched the AQI and they are at 66 right now with that being in the yellow or moderate zone. Hope that helps a little bit.
At park today and tomorrow. So far we have not noticed a difference.
Here now too. Like dizdad , do not notice any haze or anything.
dito. all good here :)

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