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estimated capacity

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Senior Mickey
For the past two weeks, the capacity estimates have been 50% or less for both parks, with today being 10% capacity. is anyone at the parks that can verify the low estimated attendance?
10% capacity?! Wow! I've never seen the park like this.
I dont believe the estimates are accurate.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Wow I wish it was that low when I was there!! Ten percent could be a little off, especially since the parks have been getting even busier over the years, but this is one of the slowest times of the year.
Doubt it is 10% but almost all schools are back. I am going for a visit next week with my 2 kids - we homeschool them so time off is not an issue! : )
I was looking at the wait times on the Disneyland app yesterday and most rides at Disneyland were 5-20 minutes. Peter Pan Flight only being 20 minutes. I kept opening and closing the app wondering if something was wrong with it.
Senior Mickey
DisneyNana, today they have the attendance estimates for both parks at 10%! That's why I'm asking..is anyone at the parks this week or the past two weeks to confirm what the crowds are like? I also see the wait times as 5 to 20 minutes! I mean, waiting for Peter Pan for 20 minutes? Usually it jumps to 60 minutes, 15 minutes after the park opens!
Senior Micky...I think it's crazy. I've never seen wait times so low. Every time we go and I expect it to be slow it seems like there's some kind of convention happening. I need to remember this next year. I hope someone sees your post and responds.
Senior Mickey
DisneyNana, we are thinking the same thing...we plan for when we think it will be slow (kids in school during the week) and whamo....not one, but 10 of those "conventions" happening! We are taking notes, too!
LOL!! I hear you. We went the end of February this year thinking it would be a great time and Disneyland was invaded by cheerleaders everywhere. And we were walking through inches of water because of all the rain. I thought people stayed away when it rained. :) gotta say, it was an experience.
I went this past Saturday Aug 26-28, there was the CHOC walk Sunday and still we waited no longer than 20 min. Soarin was the longest time the entire 3 days, at 70 min,but all the fast passes were gone too, we had no choice. Cast member said they only had one screen, due to refurbishment, doubling the stand by time.
Tattoo Mom
Note to self last week of August go to Disneyland!!!
Aside from the heat it was wonderful Tattoo Mom. But we got so much done even with shorter park hours, we even went back for pool time and returned for dinner and more rides. it was actually nice the park opened later at 10, we even slept in, went for 3 days in the park, did a lot.
i thin attendance is always low during this time of year with Halloween decorations going up, rides closed for Halloween make over, and schools starting. Attendance will probably increase when everything is decorated and all rides are reopened
my daughter and I are going in 9 days, just before the kickoff of Halloween. our last day will be the first day of the Halloween season. crowd estimates say 30 %. so hoping the hot spell is over by then.
We were there from Aug 27-Aug 31 and it was really low capacity. We were walking on everything. The only problems were that it was so hot and the parks closed early. So just when we were ready to start having fun at night, we had to leave.
Senior Mickey
ok, here's what we found last week, September 26 to 30. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, DIO predicted 20% capacity for both parks each day, with Friday at 30%. WRONG! It was packed all days. Thursday DL opened for Magic Morning.....the lines at the gates were stretched to DCA! The lines were instantly long the minute the park opened. I think we got 2 rides in that first hour, then we had to do FP for everything else that has FP if we wanted to ride. There was another site that we checked about estimates, and it, too, said these days were "best bets." uh, no.
Seems like Disney has upped their game this year and it will always be packed now

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