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Pin trading

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My husband and I try different things every trip. This trip we want to try pin trading. Is this something adults do or is it more for kids?
I think everyone gets into it. I'm going to try this myself, seems like fun!!
Pixie dust
My kids are all adults and love it. My husband and I also have a blast pin trading. We make a game out of it to see who finds the best trade.
I'm super excited. I'm going to get some of the mystery packs when we get there.
When are you planning on going? I will be there 8/30 and numerous dates in September. I will have my traders with me.
I won't be there till end of October. Is it true that some cast members won't trade with adults?
Tinkerbell 12 I think anything that has to do with Disneyland can be for adults or kids it's all fun!!!! Never too old to have fun.
There are some CM's who have lanyards that are limited to kids. They will tell you if they have one. Otherwise, pins are for everyone. Check the guidelines first http://www.disneyparksmerchandise.com/parksauthentic/disney-pin-trading-guidelines-for-guests/
I still collect pins but I don't trade and I've been doing it for a long time. Im currently on my 4th lanyard. The best place to go to buy pins is in Frontierland next to the shooting gallery
Thanks for the tip. I collect pressed pennies but I have so many and want to try something else. Plus I want to get my niece and nephew into pin trading/collecting so I figured I should try first to know how it works.
we love it!! we have over 500 pins now...its exciting to see something tou want but someone is in front of you..you get antsy hoping they wont take it!! its just fun
Disney Family
You will love it. When the lines are too long it gives you something else to do. It does get expensive though, and addicting.

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