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Pin trading

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My husband and I try different things every trip. This trip we want to try pin trading. Is this something adults do or is it more for kids?
My husband and I started collecting pins a few years ago as our souvenir. We don't plan to trade though since the pins we pick are sentimental to that trip.
IMO its best for kids. You get fake pins or old pins that are a fraction of the value of the ones you buy in the shops. Our son did it in Florida but we came with cheap pins that were given to us by a friend. He traded them for ones he liked better so he had fun with it. If you want to start collecting, just buy the ones you like and keep them. No sense buying pins that you don't want to trade them. You'll notice the cast members usually have the same old pins to trade
Pin trading is fun to try. My son's and I like to buy mystery packs then take any duplicate and trade with cast members for the one's we need. DisneyDreamer is right tho as far as buy one's you like and just keep them.
Ya I am excited about the mystery packs. Then if I get any that I don't want then I will trade them. I love mystery bags.
Disney Family
The best place to trade is at 4:00 in the lobbies of the hotels. CM's come out with pin boards and lanyards as well as several pin traders.
l enjoy trading pins there is no age limit I just turned 56 and got my batch of pins ordered for my trip in Oct.
Thanks for all the advice. We are planning on doing it for fun. Not serious collecting.
I think it's more for adults. Me and my hubby and my best friend and her husband trade pins all the time. We rarely run into kids that are trading and when we do, it seems like it's mostly the parents that are trading for them lol

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