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Do you think Disney is double dipping

Forums > Disneyland > Do you think Disney is double dipping
Disney Price's keep going up it's getting very pricy to vacation at the magic kingdom. I'm a AP holder first time purchasing a pass we will be at the parks the first week in October and I just think that there shouldn't be extra charge's to stay in the park for the Halloween party. The parks make million's of dollars I just think they are double dipping it's sad they are getting away from how Walt ran the park.
Mickey Bound
I understand your frustration but if they let pass holders in without ticket they could not regulate how many people would be in their and that is part of the reason for Halloween party.
Its not just about being a pass holder I'm talking about the extra cost just to do the Halloween party
I understand what you're saying. I don't much like paying the extra money for the party since I am a AP holder. It doesn't quite seem fair for passholders to pay the same as everyone else. But I do feel it's a good deal for people that don't have an AP. You can enter the park 3 hours earlier than the party time and the cost is less than a one day pass. And the Halloween party is a ton of fun.
I just don't think they should have the extra cost for anyone it can be very costly if you have a family
I think the current system is fair the way it is. you're paying extra to trick or treat, the special parade, special fireworks, the meet & greets, and paying to get onto the rides with minimum wait times. If it was open during normal hours to everyone, most of the perks would be lost.
Mickey Bound
I wish it was free to pass holders. But let me ask you this question since their are only so many tickets available and pass holders just can show up how would they know how many to sell? I agree it should be 1/2 price or something they need away to regulate the amount of people that come in.
I agree with Chance, it is the fairest way right now. You are paying for extra goodies that normal park goera do not get. Plus shorter lines for attractions. Plus you get to dress up, which normally you can not do.
Pixie dust
I have been to the party and I think it is very fair. They give out sooooo much free stuff at the party and the smaller crowds are great. I am also a AP holder and I would not want them to change a thing. Just my opinion
Mickey Bound
I agree their are so manual perks it is worth it to me and yes we are pass holders
i have an ap and i love the halloween party. i don't mind the extra fee because of the smaller crowds and extra perks.
I'm an AP holder also and wouldn't want them to change anything they do with the Halloween party. It's a separate event they do a few times a year. If AP holders can get in for free or half price, it would be packed or very hard to manage. Us AP holders already get discounts on everything every time we go the parks and have access to the parks hundreds of days a year. Just my opinion.
Mickey Bound
As much as I would love to get giant discount we do go every year at Halloween time and buy extra tickets for every day their is a party which is usually 2 or 3 times. This year only one.
If you didn't have to buy tickets there would be no room left for people coming in on vacation cause all the people who live close with passes would fill it up! It's a special event and you get a bunch of candy. It makes sense to me
Basically, they have no reason to lower prices since they are sold out for most nights anyway. We got our tickets. We are not happy about the prices going up but the experiences we've had are priceless. We've gone the last four years in a row. It will take a lot for them to stop us from going again and again
Not sure if folks are commenting on the Halloween party in Disneyland or Disney world. I've been once in Disneyland and it was okay. Still very busy. The candy was the same at every station. People Disney bound all the time in Disneyland so dressing up isn't a biggie. We don't get the shows like Disney world that's for sure. The best thing was meet and greets with all the villains.
Pirate Wills
Having done this a couple of times. While it was busy it was no where near what it normally is. Yes people Disney bound dress all the time, but it has a different feel when you are in full costume. My kids have loved each time we go. If you are an AP and go to DL all the time it might not feel worth it. We do get to go all the time so. The other great thing is when we do go in October it nice the the park is not over the top for Halloween. It's cool to be able to go in and see that during the party. If everyone was in it would ruin the feel IMHO

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