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I have cancer.... my last visit

Forums > Disneyland > I have cancer.... my last visit
so i have been to the park almost every month since i got my pass in Jan. I am 42 and i just found out i have stage 3 breast Cancer sept will be my last trip for a very long time... calling all seasoned Disney fans i have 1 day to make it memorable i already booked my dinner to go package for Fantasmic.. any other must dos for either park
I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope you make a full and speedy recovery. Have a fun and memorable trip!
Mickey Bound
My good thoughts and prayers are with you.
Senior Mickey
Prayers for a complete recovery.
Well, that sucks! But I'm happy to hear you're able to do this! Maybe ride a ride you've never done before? A show you've never seen? Buy something to comfort you like a plush doll or awesome blanket! My son had his Mickey doll signed by the mouse himself and cherishes it! Basically...be a kid again :)
Pixie dust
My prayers are with you. I've been in your shoes. Disneyland was my reward for fighting the terrible monster. When things get tough think magical thoughts. It really helped me. Bless you
Be sure to go to a Toon Town and get a hug from Mickey, he has healing powers!! Prayers And buy some chocolate or other treat to keep in the freezer!!
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I'm so so sorry to hear that. Just try to make it as magical as possible. The Disneyland magic is truly alive, and I'm sure you will find it. We're all wishing for your recovery and I'm sure Walt would be too.
Wishing you magical healing thoughts, I would suggest a Disney blanket. You will be back in the parks in no time! Hugs!!!
prayers God can heal you. make sure you get a disneyland blanket or hoodie to remind you fun times are still ahead of you after your battle. get your favorite stuffed Mickey minnie and hold them close.
OMG! Be strong and think positive thoughts. Sending prayers. Like everyone is saying buy yourself a blanket and a Mickey to hold. Enjoy your visit and if you've never done the dessert party for WOC do that.
First and foremost I'm so terribly sorry! I am praying for a quick and full recovery for you. I would suggest doing whatever makes you Happy! Take care and have faith that God will heal you!
bright tomorrows
prayers and pixie dust sent your way
i am so sorry for what you are going through. i would get a disney tote or backpack, fill it with the nonperishable items you normally take on your trips, decorate it with pins, leave a spot for your 2018 pin when you go on your first trip when you have recovered from this terrible episode in your life my prayers are with you and your family
This breaks my heart!! Healing thoughts and prayers for you!! Buy yourself a Disney blanket or pillow to snuggle during treatments so you can think about the good times to come!!
Disneygirl12 12 I'm so sorry to hear this it's terrible thing people have to go through awful things in life but just remember God is the one in control of your life not the doctors look to him first have a speedy recovery and just think good thoughts of Disneyland what you're going to do when you get better take care my prayers are with you. God Bless
Alina Ornelas. Hope you have an Awesome day before you are able to go back. I'll be praying for you. Two of my friends are going thru the same thing. Feel free to look me up in Facebook. Maria Chavira from San Diego. You'll recognize the photo will be from Guardians of the Galaxy. Try to ride it. I would get a Fast Pass. One of the Best Rides ever! :)
More importantly- my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery....everything else is just secondary...
So sorry to hear..i hope your trip is unforgettable... and that you will be able to go back soon after your treatment!
thoughts and prayers for a full recovery. do something you usually would sat no too and see it through the eyes of the giel inside so the magic really shines.
I am somewhat in your shoes...I am so sorry to hear that you are going thru this, keep positive thoughts..prayers/pixie dust are coming your way...I am planning a trip next month just a good friend and myself...just like everyone else has said, get yourself something special - for thst special memory
Belle's mom
sorry you're having to battle this horrible disease, praying you have a speedy recovery & a very magical trip
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't give up, be a fighter girl. :-)
Sending love and good thoughts your way! Wishing you a magical trip and a full recovery as you fight through this!
sending positive thoughts your way...when at the park I would get max pass. that way you can get the most out of that day. I second the idea of stocking up on your favorite treats. I live in Seattle and go about every two years. I buy enough bags of dark chocolate peanut clusters that tsa screeners must think im running an undercover candy operation and store them in my freezer. I take one piece out at a time and it immediately takes me back and happy thoughts engulf my brian. it might be just what the doc orders
Ride the new and improved Main street train! Buy yourself some warm cozy hats to go with your blankets! Totally enjoy the New Fantastic it is awesome! Soak up all the pixie dust you can handle!
??I would want to do the same. Sending you lots of positive energy.
Oh it was a heart not ??? That was supposed to show up.
Mickey Bound
See if train cars lily bell is running.
The Pod
the wishing well by snow white and the seven dwarfs...wishing the best!
My prayers are with you. Go to Carthay for a meal or at least to the lounge for appetizers and a cocktail. It's in DCA and so worth it. You need to splurge on yourself and be pampered.
Alina...just being at the park has such healing powers - soak it all in and have a 'magical' time! Lots of prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way! Hugs °o°
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I didn't say it in my previous comment, but there is one thing I think you should do: visit the Partners statue. Sometimes I just go there and think about Walt and what he would think today about the magic place he created. It's the most inspiring and beautiful spot in the park, and the magic WILL be truly alive for you.
thank you all ao much i am gling to try and make it back for Halloween and Christmas it just depends on how i feel from Chemo.. this trip will mark my 18th trip into the park this year... my husband and i seperated before i got sick and are back together and he will be coming with me. i am super excited to show him the magic that Disney brings me.. Plus he has never been to DCA
Oh Alina, I'm so happy for you that you and your husband are working things out. Having the support through this will be good. And I hope he enjoys Disney as much as you do. I can tell how much you care. 18 times this year? WOW!
 Exodus 23:25 "Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you"
so happy to hear things r getting better for u. just enjoy life and Disneyland and know u will be better in no time at all.
This is so saddening to hear. Praying for a quick recovery and may God be with you in these difficult times. Thinking of you!!
Thank you again to everyone for the kind words and prayers. I begin a very round of chemo this thur.. I pray i will be able to see the park at Christmas
Mickey Bound
Please let us know how your doing
Sending prayers your way...and good positive thoughts for xmas time.
Michael W Nash-Martinez
I used to get into the park just as it opened and head into critter country with a cup of coffee and a sweet muffin. I'd sit waterside at a table and watch the Mark Twain sail by. I'd feed the ducks and cats sometimes. I'd sit and think about all the love that came my way when I thought my life was over. It was one of the most healing and peaceful things I could do for myself. All our best to you Alina, from Heaven and Earth.
Thank you Michael for that. I promise that if I can get back before my pass is up.. I will do juat that. I live in the Sacramento area so it is a wee bit harder for me to get there even not being sick. i made it a goal to go everymonth but i lost that goal already
'Ello Poppet
Splurge on a beautiful purse
i wish i am taking my daughter for her 21st bday early jan and thanks to my dad i am able to do that months off of work mean no $$$
Disneyland 4-Life
I’m so sorry to hear that u have cancer. I know that u will have a wonderful day at Disneyland. I know that if u let Disneyland know about u. They might make ur stay even more magical than any other day. Have a magical day Disney2017 ???????? & Merry Christmas ????
Lisa Androvich
I was in your shoes 18 months ago. We had to cancel a trip because I had to start chemo. We celebrated my recovery with a trip to the Aulani. You can get an I’M Celebrating button saying “about to kick cancer’s butt”. Sending happy thoughts.
thank you i will get that button

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