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Paradise pier to grand Californian

Forums > Disney Hotels > Paradise pier to grand Californian
This trip I’m going to try one night at PP then transfer to the GC. I know that they will transfer your luggage for you but does anyone know how that works? Do you have to bring your luggage down to the lobby or will they pick it up from your room in one hotel and deliver it to your room in the other?
We did that earlier this year. We had to bring our luggage down and go outside. the guys outside will grab a golf cart and drive you across the street to the grand with your luggage. then you can check into the grand. our room wasn't ready that early but we were going into the parks so they took our luggage and we got our stuff when we went back when our room was ready.
Awesome! Thanks for the info!
I’m just going to let others know that are doing this that you call down to bell services. They will come up and tag your luggage and send it to your other hotel. You will get a claim ticket that you keep to exchange for your luggage. You then go to bell services at your new hotel to claim your bags. It’s very convenient!

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