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Disney Hotel Refugees

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Jasmine A.K.
So this was a first- our floor at the hotel was flooded and everyone was evacuated and has been directed to the conference center and given space blankets and water until we can go back to our rooms. This has been an interesting night but sure to be remembered! Lol
That's crazy! Definitely one for the memory book.
I would say comping your stay is the least they can do imho.
Mickey Bound
Would be nice if they comped your stay but I have my doubts. I would be bold and contact customer service and say what are you going to do for me.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Wow that's definitely memorable, lol! I'm sure they might give you something if you asked them. Disney has a habit of giving guests something special if they ask.
Poisoned Apple
Can't hurt to ask but ask nicely. LOL
Oh, for sure they will do something to compensate. Disneyland Hotel is awesome when it comes to pleasing their guests. I went through something a few years ago, when our stay was ruined because of something that was going on at the hotel and they went out of their way to make it up for us. You should definitely make a call directly to customer service.
Jasmine A.K.
It was definitely a memorable experience! Lol it was not fun and quite inconvenient but at least it'll be something to talk about :-) and yes, I'm sure the hotel will do something or another, though I haven't personally contacted them yet.

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