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Market near DLH?

Forums > Disney Hotels > Market near DLH?
Jasmine A.K.
We are going to need to pick up some milk for nighttime bottles and was wondering where the closest place to DLH would be to get some? Preferably not an arm and a leg price wise.
I’m not sure if anyone responded or if you have already gone, but Vons delivers groceries to the hotel. If you order $50 worth of groceries they will deliver for free. My family always orders snacks and things from there and it’s totally worth spending $50 because you save compared to buying snacks in the park. We still get some snacks in the park, but it’s nice having our own too.
so we did vons for when we arrived but I also took an uber to pick up some things mid week as well. cost was around $5 one way. I thought it was worth the price.
I looked into Vons delivery as well for our March trip. First delivery is free so no need to meet the $50 amount. I think $30 is minimum for any order. Downloaded the app and I’m ready!
Fatima N
You could just go to Walgreens one light down!
Yeah the first delivery being free is great too! I’ve used it so many times now that I forgot about the first one being a freebie. Glad it worked out Mom2aMinnie!
Food 4 Less is less than a mile away, west on Katella.

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