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Is it worth it?

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Trying to decide whether to splurge on an actual Disney hotel or save some (a lot) of money by staying off property. We are a young couple taking a two year old. Does anyone regret staying on Disney property? Do you think it's necessary to spend a lot of time at the actual hotel for it to be worth it? We're going for a week but have plans every day we will be there. Also, is it cheaper certain times of the year, and what hotel is most budget friendly? Thank you!
I would say staying on resort is worth it especially if you have lil ones. You can have your packages/souvenirs sent back to the hotel, you can charge stuff to your hotel bill while there, ability to take a mid day break if needed, DLH has a fantastic pool area for little ones to use, you can take the monorail into the parks, characters in the hotel lobbies off and on throughtout the day.
Evil Queen
the most budget friendly of the resort properties is paradise pier. to us it was worth it simply for the extra hour of park time each morning.
I've stayed both on & off property. I liked staying on property more. rooms are cleaner, staff more friendly, pool areas are way nicer, and the extra hour each day is nice especially the busiest times of the year.
We do both, but nothing compares to staying on property. The Disneyland Hotel is so amazing. The rooms are so much fun, the headboards to the beds are amazing. The pools and water slides are a blast. Definitely worth the extra money.
Senior Mickey
we used to stay off property until 2011. we decided to splurge, and stay on property "just once." now, we stay on property all the time, because, to us, it's worth the extra money. it's the little things...early entry, package delivery, cast member assistance at the hotels. we stayed at PP only once, and now alternate between DLH & The Grand. this September, we will go back to DLH, after two consecutive stays at the Grand. next year, we are going on a Disney cruise, topped off with a stay at the Grand.
Mickey Bound
Have never regretted staying on property. Early morning alone worth it. Can get 4-5 major rides done before park officially opens.
Tattoo Mom
Totally worth it! We have never regretted it. If anything you should try it at least once.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
In my opinion staying at either the DLH or the grand is the best way to get the full Disney experience. My family stays at the grand Californian on our trip every year and it's one of the best parts of the trip for us. It just makes everything soo much better.
It is definitely worth it. Let's say you don't wanna get up early for extra magic hours and you don't take advantage of being able to send things you buy in the park back to your hotel room...those are major perks but let's say you skip them. We learned a few weeks ago that just being able to walk back to the hotel room to take a nap and a break made the whole thing worth it anyway lol
Andrea Dahms Foskett
I agree with Disneyland dog. there is nothing like staying in the Disney bubble the whole trip. We stay concierge at Disneyland hotel. so worth it.
With young kids especially I would suggest a Disneyland Hotel. We've been to each of them and so far our favorite is the Grand Californian since it's so convenient. It does cost a little more though. It's worth it in my opinion to be able to bring the littles back to the room during the day for a nap and not waste so much of our park time commuting, or dealing with a fussy/tired toddler. :)
Staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel makes the trip even more 'magical'!
Oh boy now I wish I was staying on property! Next time!!
Arayah Teuscher
To me it wasn't worth it. While I had a great vacation my actual stay at the Disneyland Hotel was less than stellar. I paid $4000 for 5 nights and it still stings the issues I had to deal with. Having just made a trip and stayed off sight I spent maybe a quarter for my entire trip than I did when I stayed on property. The little Disney touches were nice but that's it.
What were the issues if you don't mind me asking?
I read all these comments and I agree with everyone that staying at a Disney hotel is a wonderful experience. We've been lucky enough to do it twice. If we had an unlimited budget we would do it every time. But for the cost I'm all for staying off property. Most of your day is spent at the parks anyway. We have found we can travel to Disneyland at least twice when we stay off property over staying at Disney hotel.
Arayah Teuscher
My issues were being put in the back of the hotel after requesting to be close due to young child in party, they were building a stage for a race every night starting at 8pm till 2 in the morning right outside making sleep terrible, our bathroom light was burnt out and it took 3 days and me chasing down a maid to finally get it fixed. My biggest issue was I was a single mom with 2 kids and caught a stomach bug and had called down to the front desk asking for more towels and some 7up. It was after hours and they said sorry can't help you, they suggested I walk to the restaurant and purchase some. So wake my children up and drag them across the courtyard at midnight and hope I don't vomit on the way. I didn't feel any Disney magic from the staff and while the hotel Was nice our visit wasnt.
Mickey Bound
So sorry your experience was so bad. Did you call Disney and tell them what happened? Maybe they will give you some kind of rebate or something.
Arayah Teuscher
I did and the had someone call and apologized but nothing was offered. I may try paradise pier someday but once was enough for Disney hotel
Mickey Bound
Have not tried paradise pier. First we tried grand then Disney hotel. Got better experience with grand so will never go back to Disney hotel. Were as we did not experience any real bad did not experience anything i expect from Disney.
Senior Mickey
Arayah Teuscher, we did PP once, in 2011. we loved it. the rooms were huge. however, it was a bit difficult for me to walk to the parks, 3 months after double hip replacement & a partially paralyzed right leg. 3 years ago, DLH was having elevator issues in the Fantasy tower. cast members had to take guests up to their rooms via the service elevator. this will be our first time back to DLH, after spending the past 2 years at GCH. hope the elevators work!
Mickey Bound
Only thing I don't like about DH is the frontier tower. We stayed their once and felt like if we stayed at that tower might as well stay at PP it was about the same distance.
We stayed at PPH twice & loved it both times. Only thing I didn't like was the elevators. Other than that, great stay!! Giving the Grand a go this September for 7 nights, really looking forward to it!
Have been going to Disneyland for 40 years and about 9 years ago I finally decided to splurge for the grand. We loved it! We've stayed there twice and the dlh once. If we can afford it we'll stay at the grand. If not we stay at an off property. The grand is definitely a luxury for us and I would recommend everyone to try it at least once. I've always felt well taken care off at the disney hotels.
We've stayed at the DLH ones before the renovations and twice after renovations, ones at club level. Stayed twice at PP, ones club level. Our favorite being Disneyland Hotel, totally live this hotel, so magical? Finally this December, God willing, we'll stay at the Grand and I cannot wait! My kids are older now, 16 & 13, so architecture can be appreciated now. I save money 6 months prior to our trips and I stick to my plan to make it happen. This time I'm saving every penny and giving payments towards my Grand reservation, LARGE payments. I think it's totally worth my money staying on property. We haven't always stayed on property and we don't mind staying at a much cheaper place, but on property is so so magical! I say GO FOR IT!
disneyland is a family-friendly park but it is overall not cheap. but is like eating out at a great restaurant vis eating at a low fast food place. you pay for a 5 star place
We do both. We have annual passes. During the holidays we stay at one of the Disney resorts because we live the holiday decor. If you decide to go after Thanksgiving or before Christmas time, stay at DCA. We love it. When it's not a holiday we stay at one of the Disney Neighbor hotels.

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